Our company was born in Moscow, we started our journey with a small studio and one sewing machine. I created our first collection myself.
We have been moving towards OLSKA for 10 years. At first intuitively, and then more deliberately, we created such clothes for women that are not only stylish, but will also last for years.
As a designer, as a person, as an inhabitant of the planet Earth, I am against overconsumption, I am against the “fast-fashion” business model, which stimulates the purchase of dozens of things and makes this process endless. Most of them end up in landfills within the first year. Light industry, which fashion is a part of, pollutes the planet more than aviation and shipping combined.
We are for quality items that will not go to the landfill in a few months, but will be worn for several seasons. We stand for recycled fabrics. We are for giving clothes a second life, passing them on to those in need. Therefore, we participate in charitable projects and help women who find themselves in difficult circumstances.
We are for reasonable consumption
and want to convey this idea to everyone
The OLSKA brand is no longer just about fashion or about business. This is a deliberate approach to life. This position, has been forming for 10 years allows us to now safely say: choosing eco-fabrics for our collections, we feel better, and helping those in need, we feel better.
Our brand logo reflects these values.
Naturalness in everything: in the choice of fabrics, even in the choice of shades.
Main colours of OLSKA collections
There are no flashy colors in OLSKA collections, only muted tones. The most important ones are those of:
  • sand color
  • sea color
  • grass color
They are the ones that are reflected in our logo. Three uneven circles symbolize the three components of sustainable principles of a sustainable development: economy, people, environment.
Me and my team are absolutely convinced that the best time to change the fashion industry is now. And we need to start with ourselves. Therefore, here you will see not only things created in accordance with the concept of slow-fashion, but also projects that, we hope, will be our small but confident steps towards the society in which we would all like to live, towards a healthy and clean planet that we will leave to our children.
Join us!
Yours Sincerely, OLSKA 
Бренд ECOOLSKA создан для людей,
с заботой о природе.