Digital Fashion
Digital fashion
A collection of clothes that do not harm the environment.
We created a collection of clothes from things that could end up in landfill.
ECOOLSKA creates clothes that will last for years.
We are for reasonable production and conscious consumption. 

We are for quality items that will not go to the landfill in a few months, but will serve you for many years. 

We choose the natural organic and biodegradable, innovative and recycled fabrics. 

We are in favor of giving a second life to clothes, re-sewing old garments into new upcycling collections, repairing clothes or donating them for charity. 

We are for a circular economy and sustainable development in the fashion industry. 

Together with you, we want to save our planet for the future generation!
Areas of our activity
Overconsumption and principles of fast fashion:
  • 2nd
    place is taken by the fashion industry for environmental pollution after the oil industry
  • 2700 liters
    of water is needed to make one cotton T-shirt
  • 1.7mln
    tons of chemicals from dyeing annually enters the world's oceans
  • 1.2bln
    tons of greenhouse gases per year are released in the manufacture of clothing
  • 100mln
    animals a year are killed in the world for the sake of leather and fur
  • 92mln
    tons of textiles sent to landfill per year
  • 200 years
    a T-shirt made of polymer will decompose at a waste landfill and turn into microplastic
  • 150 bln
    wardrobe items are produced annually
  • Alternative and sustainable fashion Principles:
    We are for conscious consumption
    We offer:
    • Long-term design beyond time
    • Create upcycling collections
    • We sew only from environmentally friendly biodegradable fabrics or from recycled processed fabrics that do not harm the environment
    • Digital fashion production
    • Circular model of non-waste production
    Digital fashion
    Ecoolska participated in the charity project “Climate Change All Change” in Spatial!
    Ecoolska has established a new partnership with Exclusible
    Ecoolska presents a new digital fashion collection «SARGASSO»