Our brand logo reflects these values.

We are for reasonable production and conscious consumption. We are for quality items that will not go to the landfill in a few months, but will serve you for many years. We choose the natural organic and biodegradable fabrics, innovative and recycled fabrics.

We are in favor of giving a second life to clothes, re-sewing old garments into new upcycling collections, repairing clothes or donating them for charity. We are for a circular economy and sustainable development in the fashion industry. Together with you, we want to save our planet for the future generation!

Main colours of ECOOLSKA collections

There are no flashy colors in ECOOLSKA collections, only muted tones. The most important ones are those of:
  • sand color
  • sea color
  • grass color
They are the ones that are reflected in our logo. Three uneven circles symbolize the three components of sustainable principles of a sustainable development: economy, people, environment.
Me and my team are absolutely convinced that the best time to change the fashion industry is now. And we need to start with ourselves.

Therefore, here you will see not only things created in accordance with the concept of slow-fashion, but also projects that, we hope, will be our small but confident steps towards the society in which we would all like to live, towards a healthy and clean planet that we will leave to our children.
Join us!

Yours Sincerely, ECOOLSKA 

Leave your mark on history,
not a carbon footprint