Wide-leg trousers made of 100% natural organic linen

SKU — 21308
Fabric structure
  • 100% natural organic linen
This item was produced in compliance with all the principles of sustainable development. While dyeing the fabric, natural dyes were used that did not contain toxic substances and did not harm the environment. Coconut shell buttons are used as accessories. All the clothes of our brand are sewn locally by professionals who put their whole soul and heart into their work.
  • 1. Pick up from the office

    Pick up from the office - without payment - for free Orders pick up- can be carried out without trying on.

  • 2. Delivery to the regions

    Delivery is carried out by delivery company DPD to your door or at the delivery point due to its tariff. The delivery by post is possible as well.

  • 3. Delivery abroad

    Delivery is carried out through EMS within its tariffs (anticipated payment).

Each unit of our brand's clothing is transferred 1.5 USD. for planting a tree and 0.2 USD for the disposal of used clothing for charitable purposes.