Today we have a great responsibility to preserve natural resources for future generations.

It is impossible to think only of yourself and wastefully use the reserves of the planet without giving anything in return.

Our daily life is seriously harmful to the environment and we are obliged to find ways of peaceful coexistence, maintaining a balance.

It is not easy to realize your role in the life of the planet, and those who succeed do not immediately understand what to do with it.

It still seems that becoming environmentally responsible means taking some global steps.

However, absolutely any one of us can make a feasible contribution to the conservation of ecological resources and to take care of the environment, simply by adding some changes to our daily life. Every little step matters!

I’ve got an Instagram account, where I share information about sustainable fashion, facts and news from the world of ecology. Together with you we implement good habits, and by my own example I show how one can combine business with caring for the planet.

My account is not only for fashion professionals or eco-activists.
It is for everyone who wants to understand exactly how they can be useful for the planet.

Sincerely yours, Olska

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