We do our best to give a second life to clothes and encourage our clients to return garments that they no longer wear to us.

We hand over all dresses and costumes returned by existing clients to a «Shelter» - a place where women who have suffered from domestic violence live.

Often they leave their homes, fleeing from abusive spouses, even without the bare essentials.

They have neither familiar and necessary things with them, nor confidence in the future. All that remains with them is only fear for their own and their children’s lives.

In the Shelter house, these ladies not only feel safe, but also learn to cope with the crisis, change their attitude to themselves and to life. We have been involved in the Stop Violence movement for a long time and see how much attention means to these women.

Our team is trying to support the residents of the Shelter Home and help them believe in themselves. So, we organized a beauty day for the girls, invited makeup artists, professional photographers for them and arranged a photo session in our dresses.

It is happiness to see that our humble gesture brought joy to someone and created a sparkle in their eyes. It is valuable for us to know that used clothes have found a new life and continue to delight beautiful women.

We thank our clients for supporting the project: together we are doing a good deed and protecting the planet from textile waste.

Thank you for putting our clothes in the hands of the girls who need care.

If you also want to help this foundation, please join us: «Stop Violence»

Leave your mark in history,
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