Digital Fashion

What is digital fashion?
Virtual wardrobe is one of the ways to solve the problem of overproduction and overconsumption. This is a completely new vector of sustainable fashion. Digital technology erases all boundaries. Designers and artists create virtual collections that can be bought, tried on and shown exclusively online.

Virtual clothes are dresses, suits, jackets, skirts and other items presented in three-dimensional, and sometimes even animated form and created using special digital programs (for example, CLO 3D or Marvelous Designer).
Such things can be worn by both a digital influencer and a real person. To do this, the artist needs a photograph of the customer in tight clothing, over which the designer ones are superimposed.
On March 12, FOIL NETWORK & ECOOLSKA have concluded a partnership
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ECOOLSKA creates clothing that will serve for years to come.
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Digital fashion show
These clothes are completely digital. It requires 0 m of fabric, 0 kg of chemicals, 0 liters of water, 0 resources. Zero waste.

This is a historical moment of change in the fashion industry from the old linear economy model to the new green fashion circular economy and digitalization.

Firstly, we created the "Recycle your life" collection, made entirely of second-hand clothing, without wasting resources for producing new materials. And afterwards, this collection was digitalized. The designer of the brand, Olska, created this collection while listening to the music of Freddie Mercury. You can see his influence on this collection: The planet Mercury is in the background.

 Digital fashion can solve the problem of overconsumption and reduce the footprint of unnecessary shipping. With the development of virtual dressing rooms and high-technology, the fashion industry can decrease the amount of waste by at least 10% (which is 15 billion pieces of clothing per year, since 150 billion pieces are produced annually). According to statistics, one in 10 people buy clothes just to create content on social media. People can try on these digital clothes and change their image every day without harming the environment. Saving resources, money, and time.

We believe that digital fashion will reduce overproduction and help make the fashion industry more sustainable. Save our planet!
Does digital fashion have prospects?
Matthew Drinkwater, head of the Fashion Innovation Agency of London College of Fashion, is confident that digital clothing will become commonplace in five to ten years. As proof of the huge interest in digital items, he, like The Fabricant founder Kerry Murphy, cites the purchase of a virtual cat in the CryptoKitties blockchain game for $ 140,000. Experts also point out that people are willing to spend real money on fashionable things in computer games: themed like Covet Fashion, which generated $ 53.4 million in 2018 sales including ads, or shooters like Fortnite, which made over $ 1 billion in 2017 from in-app purchases.

Source: RBK
Why do you need virtual clothing?
According to a 2018 survey by Barclays Bank, one in ten consumers purchases items solely for content creation. After that, the novelty, at best, returns back to the store, at worst, it clutters up the wardrobe or goes to a landfill. From this perspective, virtual clothing acquires not only an entertaining, but also an ecological aspect. It is cheaper, produced faster, it is more exclusive and does not harm the environment. Digital collections can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 95% and do not require the cost of maintaining and disposing of clothing. As long as such clothes exist only in the virtual space, their creation does not need to spend industrial power, water, electricity, does not need to work with delivery services, and does not need to be disposed of. This means that the amount of garbage on the planet will decrease.
We would like to thank Regina Turbina (the founder of the online marketplace) and Lyudmila Norsoyan (the founder of the educational platform in the field of fashion). Thank you for our pleasant cooperation @mayam, Nastasya @stasya_3d @digit_in_fashion and Tatiana @lecode_design
Ecoolska presents our first digital collection, which builds on an already existing physical upcycling collection.

It is easy to try on these digital outfits in our virtual fitting room
Benefits of digital fashion for the brand
1. Resource savings. Digital fashion saves a lot of time and resources (paper, fabric). Previously, when creating a collection, a designer would spend at least 6 months bringing an idea to life, and this can be done in just a month or two. All fittings can now be done on a digital 3D avatar, and today the visualization of digital clothes is so realistic that designers can make the same number of fittings on a 3D avatar in one day that previously would have taken a month.
2. Reduced waste. You no longer have to guess which models will be successful, you can just collect pre-orders from wholesalers or potential consumers and make as many garments from the fabric as required. Producers will no longer have to deal with waste products, which they would have to sell for next to nothing, or, as big brands do, burn them or throw them in landfills, polluting the environment.
3. Try a new profession. All young designers know how expensive it is to sew their first collection and show it to the world. There is where digital fashion comes to the rescue: you can try your hand as a designer, arrange a show online and see if it's your thing. And by presenting it online, you can easily find an investor for sewing your collection.
4. Caring for the environment. It's gratifying to make clothes that use 0 meters of fabric, 0 kg of paper, 0 liters of water. You know that you have not harmed the planet in any way.
5. Creativity and a flight of fancy. Virtual spaces provide enormous scope for creative license. You can create realistic clothes online that are indistinguishable from physical ones, or you can go on a flight of fancy, feel like a modern artist and fully unleash your creative potential.
How to try on and buy digital clothing
You can try our digital clothes online on Snapchat:

You can buy our digital clothing on the digital marketplace
Benefits of digital fashion for you personally
1. Price. The opportunity to buy a Digital Look at a low price.

2. Creativity and the element of surprise. Post new creative images on your Instagram feed every day. Many bloggers need the element of surprise, and you can do this without harming nature, cluttering your closet with items you will never wear again, or overloading your baggage when you travel.
With digital fashion, the problem of over-consumption and unrestrained shopping is finally resolved.

3. Time savings. You can find the style that is perfect for you in minimal time and without leaving home. With the virtual fitting service, you try on your clothes like masks on Instagram. In 10 minutes, you can try on 30 looks, whereas in real life, this would take hours traipsing through a shopping mall.

4. Resource savings. Before buying real clothes, you try on a digital look in the virtual dressing room and out of the 100s of outfits you like, you choose the 2-3 which fit you best. The result is resource savings. Only the garments that are needed are made, your closet remains uncluttered, and the courier doesn't need to make unnecessary deliveries.

Of course, digital fashion will never completely replace physical fashion, because in real time we wear clothes made of fabric. But we believe that in the future everyone will have no more than a dozen outfits in their closet, and you will buy the rest of your creative looks in your digital closet and expand your NFT collection!)

Digital fashion is risk free and offers complete freedom for you to unleash your creativity!
Leave your mark on history,
not a carbon footprint