Diversity & Inclusion

Our brand is more than just the clothes we make.

It was founded on the basis of universal human values. Ecoolska stands for equality. In everything. We maintain a respectful attitude towards both our employees and every single person on planet Earth.

Fashion is not for the chosen.

It can’t be about convention and imposed limits.

Fashion is about creativity.

It is a free space, where everyone can express themselves as they wish.

Once fashion was proclaimed elitist. Exclusive. It draw boundaries between people. It made some people more desirable media personalities. And it decided to shun those who did not fit into these imposed boundaries.

This has being going on for quite some time. But the world is more diverse than we were previously told.

The world belongs to us all. Fashion belongs to us all. Regardless of age, status, gender, nationality, size, weight, physical attributes and abilities.

Fashion catwalks should showcase people in all their diversity – this is what makes us beautiful. Models should no longer have to conform to convention. In fashion, we need ordinary people living ordinary and at the same time special lives. Fashion is about Diversity & Inclusion, which together unleash a culture of universal acceptance and accessibility.

What is it?



Which together unleash a culture of universal acceptance and accessibility.

Diversity & Inclusion allows us all to actively participate in society, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, health and national origin.

It is a society without prejudice. Where people are valued not for their appearance but for their inner world. Where everyone feels safe and secure.

No two people on the planet are the same. Everyone has their own unique set of qualities.

  • Some are very young, and some are maturing into adults.

  • Some are fair skinned and some are dark skinned.

  • Some were born in the south, and some in the west.

  • Some were born female and some were born male. And some decided to make that choice themselves.

  • Some are short and some are tall.

  • Some wear size 42 and some wear size 52.

  • Some have the standard set of chromosomes and some have one more.

  • Some stand firmly on their own two feet and some have a wheelchair instead of legs.

  • Some can speak and some cannot.

  • Some are the heart and soul of a company and some live in their inner world.

There are over 8 billion people on Earth. Each one is special, with their own story, but no one is more important than anyone else.

Our world is not limited to tall, size XS models; it is much more diverse.

Then why does fashion represent only this narrow category of models?

Everyone has the right to play a part in the world of fashion.

Everyone should be able to stand proud in the clothes they wear.

Beauty is not about conforming to the outdated 90-60-90 body measurements, but about how each and every one of us is special.

In the 21st century fashion cannot and should not be limited to the standards imposed on us by society.

People should recognize themselves in the models offered by fashion brands, which should reflect our values, enabling us to connect to something more meaningful.

It is time for the fashion industry to open its doors to people in all their wondrous diversity. 

Make it relevant to everyone and bring people together from all corners of life.

Fashion is for people, not the other way round. Under this new paradigm, we can make our world a clean and safe place for us all.

How Ecoolska respects the principles of Diversity & Inclusion

Ecoolska is an eco-brand. And we care not only about the environment, but also about people. We do not conform to the beauty standards imposed on us by society. We embrace the unique beauty of every living being.

We want our clothes to be accessible to everyone. So that everyone, regardless of who they are, can feel comfortable and confident in them.

That's why we invited models from the Allium inclusive agency to the shooting of our new capsule collection.

The talented models with autism and Down syndrome are true professionals. They conveyed the true meaning of our recycled cotton capsule collection – we all matter, no matter who we are and what choices we make.

We are all in this together. And only by coming together can we save our planet.