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ECOOLSKA is a young but ambitious eco-friendly clothing brand.

It was created in sunny Portugal, Lisbon in April 2021 by designer Olska (her first brand Olska has been successfully operating for 11 years).
How it all began

In 2020, during the quarantine, Olska started new life between two countries: Montenegro and Portugal and the life of Olska completely changed.

The Ecoolska brand was born organically. The team of Olska brand has gained great experience in the production of high-quality clothing, the creation of current design, sales and implementation of collections. The whole team supports the philosophy of sustainable lifestyle and implements eco-friendly habits in their daily routine since 2017. In 2019, we created the first 100% ecological collection “Three generations of women”, made of natural flax from the Orsha Linen Mill.


The team members gradually changed their consciousness towards environmental friendliness, and an awareness of the global role finally appeared: it became important not only to produce stylish garments, but also to make it of the right fabrics, without harming nature and people.

Throughout all 11 years of its existence, Olska brand adhered to the policy of reasonable production and did not pursue volumes comparable to the mass market. The priority is comfortable working conditions for people, a decent salary, the quality of the clothing created and reduction of harm to the environment. Natural leather and fur or low-quality synthetics have never been used in production.

However, making clothes from natural fabrics, for example, from plain cotton, has already become environmentally unfriendly.

Therefore, it was decided to create not only a separate line of collections, but an absolutely new eco-friendly sustainable brand.
2020, with all its challenges, helped us to look at our production in a different way. Quarantine has proven that a lot of clothing is completely unnecessary.


Respect for the environment is an exceptional priority.

ECOOLSKA clothing is lovingly crafted from organic, biodegradable or recycled fabrics. Designed in a way that outfits won’t lose their relevance and will serve you for several seasons. Dyeing and processing of fabrics is safe and non-toxic. Waste from production is reduced to zero.

The entire path from material procurement and product tailoring to logistics is transparent. Our clients will know who makes their clothes.

Materials that we have chosen for our collections

  • Organic and recycled cotton
  • Recycled viscose
  • Natural organic flax

“Once my children and I were reading a book about plastic. It described in detail how the invention of this material 150 years ago opened up new opportunities for industries around the world, and then - what tragic consequences have come for the environment and for the planet as a whole.

Then full awareness came to me. I imagined that the children would soon grow up and ask: “Mom, what are you doing?”. At this point, I would like to give an answer which I’m not ashamed of: to say that our brand not only does not harm the planet, but also makes our world a better place.”

Olska, Ecoolska brand founder and designer


WE ALL TOGETHER - are a part of a peaceful fashion revolution that has already begun!

It depends only on ourselves what we choose and what kind of future we are building now!

People are individuals, not puppets who follow ads!

People should choose the brand they like!

People choose mindfulness!

People choose environmental friendliness!

People are choosing a great future for their children and for the planet!

The ECOOLSKA brand will be an active participant in this titanic shift, which aims to stop the race for speed and volume in the production of cheap clothing, through the exploitation of human labor and the depletion of natural resources. We are for a responsible fashion industry where dignity at work and a safe environment are the standard, not the exception.

Leave your mark in history,
not a carbon footprint