Collection made of Natural Organic Linen

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People fell in love with linen several centuries ago.

And for good reason, as it is a highly-prized material:

Dissipates excessive
heat from the body.

An air layer is created between your skin and linen clothes, maintaining a temperature 3-4 degrees lower than in the environment.

Absorbs moisture and dries quickly

Meaning clothes stay dry even in the hottest sun.

Protects against bacteria.

Flax fabric accelerates healing of wounds and eliminates skin diseases.

Does not accumulate static electricity.

Your clothing won’t retain an electric charge.

Lasts for years.

Flax is the champion of wear-resistance. Despite being lightweight, the material is so durable that it can withstand up to 150 washings.

Does not lose its properties when worn.

Even if you wear linen clothes every day, the appearance and superpowers of linen are retained.

Linen production is environmentally friendly

● The plant is pest-resistant, so it requires no fertilizer or harmful chemicals.

● Flax does not destroy soil, and it also lends itself to crop rotation, strengthening and nourishing the soil on which it grows.

● Fabric production is environmentally friendly and requires 20 times less water and  energy than cotton or artificial fibers.

● Decomposes fully in three years.

But there is a “but”: linen fabric easily wrinkles

Leading some manufacturers to treat the material with formaldehyde and artificial resin.
The treated linen does not require ironing, and the label will read “100% Linen, does not require ironing”. Chemically treated clothing is bad for your health, and is not eco-friendly.

Chemically treated clothing is bad for your health, and is not eco-friendly.

We make clothes only from natural organic untreated linen.

Our collection is sewn from flax which is fully certified.

Organic linen is not chemically treated: only biological treatment methods are used.

And of course no chemicals are used to stop wrinkling. Yes, the clothing will wrinkle, but it is completely safe for people и and the environment.

Natural linen does not require chemical dyeing: bright colors are achieved through natural vegetable-based dyes.