The fashion revolution has already begun and we are part of it.

For everyone behind the ECOOLSKA brand, the topic of respect for natural resources and the problem of overconsumption is a personal problem. We do our best to reduce the negative impact of the fashion industry on the environment.
Things should last a long time - this is our main principle. We do not follow current trends, but create clothes that were relevant yesterday, today and will be tomorrow.

Once upon a time there were only 2 seasons in the fashion world - summer and winter, and respectively, two collections. The number of seasons in the Fast Fashion era is 52. On average, each purchased outfit is worn only 7 times!

We test each dress or suit in real conditions

  • We choose a manufacturer who, just like us, professes a sustainable approach to production and makes the material via recycling without harming the environment.We choose a fabric that does not deform, does not lose color, does not roll. We sew the product and wear it, wash it, iron it, wear it again.We test with everything that clothes go through in real life.We control each seam, we check whether each button is tightly sewn.

Our suppliers

We say with confidence - ECOOLSKA products will serve you for a long time. It is easy for us to make such statements, because all the products are not produced thousands of kilometers away in China or India, but at our own factory and at the factories of local partners, where at any time we can check every stitch.
Therefore, you can be sure not only of the quality, but also in the fact that your dress was made by people who work in comfortable conditions, receive a decent salary and all social guarantees. This is fair.

Our factories

We want to increase people's awareness of the problem of overuse. We promote recycling and closed-loop production. Moreover, we ourselves are already a part of it, because most of our fabrics are processed products.

ECOOLSKA for the transparency of the entire production chain, so you can read this way about each stage of the creation of our clothes. This is the only way to transform fashion from selfish into altruistic, to introduce the principles of careful attitude to natural, economic and human resources.

We want to introduce the principles of careful attitude to resources

  • natural
  • economic
  • human

Because we all have the right:

  • For life on a planet free of garbage;
  • Fresh air and clean water;
  • Humane working conditions, respect and safety.

Leave your mark in history,
not a carbon footprint