Art can’t be silent!
We are creative women programmers and digital designers who have united to help people affected by the war in Ukraine.

Our NFT  "NO WAR" is designed to help people in need due to the catastrophe in Ukraine. All proceeds will be used to provide medical and humanitarian assistance to victims of hostilities.

 We are creative women programmers and digital designers who have united to help people affected by the war in Ukraine.
In our business, there is no division into nationalities or geographic marks. We have Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian roots. We all live in different countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Israel, EU countries, Asia, and USA. Moreover, we are united by common talent and business skills.

We want to create, not fight.

People of Russia and Belarus didn’t vote for this lawlessness. We won’t forgive ourselves if we remain silent. This art object is our tears from the heart, we don't want to listen to lies, and we don't want to be inactive.

We believe that in the 21st century the greatest results are achieved not by aggression and not by sacrifices, but by the ability to negotiate, the art of communication, intellect, high-tech, and mutual respect.

Soft power is always better than aggression. Negotiation is always better than fighting.

We want to live in peace!

We want a happy and free future for the world! And we have a right to it! Every person on the planet has the right for happiness, peace, and freedom! Ecology is important not only in the literal sense, but also figuratively—the ecology of communication.

We ask you to stop hostilities as soon as possible!

You can buy our NFT here:

You may not buy NFT, but simply transfer financial assistance to one of the trusted sources. Likewise, you can also help by attaching the list:

First of all, we want to support children. It is terrible to get to know what psychic trauma can influence their lives due to daily sounds of rockets. Link here.
Medical care for children
Help the doctor (donate blood there): 
Sunflower of Peace first aid medical backpacks for paramedics and doctor
Humanitarian aid to Ukraine.
Humanitarian aid to refugees in Voronezh
Help for refugees from Donbass
Help for hospitals in Ukraine
Help for Donbas refugees
P.S. NFT art object is created by Ecoolska team, Katya Pubants, Nastasya Nekrasova, Natalya Guselman, Tatyana Yakovleva

Digital fashion show «RETHINK YOUR FUTURE”

IDFW is the first and only international digital fashion week featuring 50 designers from all over the world.

The show premiered on October 2, 2021, at International Digital Fashion Week SS 2022 with world-renowned brands!

We created a digital show in which all models are 3D avatars, all clothes are digital, and the environment is virtual. Our team didn’t use fabrics, resources, or kilogrammes of decorations. Zero waste.

Our fashion show "RETHINK YOUR FUTURE" is a 3.5-minute mini-film that shows how overconsumption causes terrible consequences for the environment, but in the middle of the show, things turn for the better because people have learned to live in harmony with nature thanks to the circular economy.

This is a transition period in fashion history-you're observing how high-technology integrates into the fashion industry and the way it makes fashion more sustainable.

Fragments from our digital show are selling on NFT-marketplace Opensea.