Ecoolska has established a new partnership with Exclusible
Ecoolska has established a new partnership with Exclusible and set up a personalized luxury fashion penthouse in Spatial with unique futuristic mermaids from new digital fashion show “Sargasso”. 

In November 2022 Ecoolska set up a fashion-inspired penthouse at Exclusible's latest metaverse real estate project in Spatial. Quick reminder: the Spatial Web3 platform helps individuals and brands to create and curate their own 3D spaces in the metaverse, to build and interact with their community and to share culture. Exclusible Penthouses represent the first luxury real estate offering on Spatial.

Ecoolska showcases NFT Mermaids and digital fashion outfits from new virtual Collection “Sargasso”. New marvelous collection «SARGASSO» includes fascinating dresses, shimmering tops and multiple pearlescent details. Semi-transparent elements give a feeling of tenderness, lightness that is often associated with the mystery of the sea. All digital garments are presented on 3D mannequins of various looks, supporting the concept of diversity and equality.

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