On March 12, FOIL NETWORK & ECOOLSKA have concluded a partnership

ECOOLSKA creates clothing that will serve for years to come.

ECOOLSKA is for sensible production and conscious consumption. What makes the ECOOLSKA brand different from hundreds of others is its choice of natural organic and biodegradable fabrics.

We all know that 2022 is the year of NFTs. People are more interested in virtual reality now. The purchase of real estate and land in the game no longer seems like a fairy tale to us. People really believe this is where the future lies. And we do believe as well. What if we said the new reality could be augmented?


Virtual clothing is one way to solve the problem of overproduction and overconsumption. It's a whole new direction of sustainable fashion. Digital technology is blurring all boundaries.

Just imagine: you are creating a fashionable virtual outfit. Pure NFT technology literally proves your copyright! The contents of the NFT can be encrypted, so the exclusive, one-of-a-kind piece is available only to you - the owner.

Digital fashion can solve the problem of excessive consumption and reduce unnecessary delivery. The ECOOLSKA concept is perfectly in line with FOIL NETWORK: we stand for sensible consumption and less pollution!
photo_2022-03-16 14.58.48.jpeg

Olska, Founder of ECOOLSKA:

 «Me and my team are absolutely convinced that the best time to change the fashion industry is now. I would like us to move together into a new reality of conscious production and consumption, reasonable use of natural resources, recycling, innovation and high technology.

Our Ecoolska brand was one of the first in the world to start introducing digital fashion. Collaboration with FOIL NETWORK is an excellent exchange of experience, friendship with modern progressive generation, and the development of the digital wardrobe for metaverse.»

Evgenii Kuzin, Founder of Foil Network:

 “Foil Network was launched to the market as a first-level blockchain to solve the problems of existing NFTs, one of which is the huge energy consumption to create NFTs on PoW. In addition, NFTs should also protect the rights of digital content creators and provide ownership rights.

The brand Ecoolska is an ideal first partner to demonstrate these possibilities, because their fundamental principle is the development of technologies without harming nature. Ecoolska, together with the Pure NFT technology of the PoS Foil Network, will show the first unique essences of digital clothing in a secure
blockchain environment without high energy costs."