Return of a product
What is necessary for return
  • To keep trade dress and marketable state
  • During seven workdays after you bought the thing - you should tell us in any way if you are going to return the order you have bought
  • The return of goods of good quality is possible if the marketable state is kept ( no traces of wearing and using, the presence of original and undamaged packing and lable)
The return of goods during 7 days
According to the article 26.1 it is the law about protection of rights of consumers, the buyer has a right to return the goods to the seller which was bought with usage of methods of distance trade by keeping good quality during 7 calender days. The marketable state should be kept and expenses for transport and the return of goods shoud be carried out by customer
All questions to email
Ways for return
  • If you sent the goods by any other delivery service, the transfer is paid by their active tariffs.
  • If you return the product through delivery service , the money return will be fulfilled to your bank card account after checking its marketable state.
The product returns have to be sent by delivery service or by post. Use the address
Portugal, Avenida Manuel de Arriaga, № 72, loja 22 2775-602 Carcavelos NIPS: 516 448 137
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