Sustainable Fashion

What is Sustainable Fashion

The term Sustainability describes environmental stability, safe use of natural resources, and the minimum effect on the ecosystems of the planet in the long term.

In a global sense, sustainability is the safety, durability and productivity of systems and processes.

Sustainable fashion is fashion in which there is a harmonious relationship between people, the economy and the environment.

It is a philosophy and movement that unites people who care about the future of the planet, who value freedom and equality, while wanting to be stylish and fashionable.

Sustainable fashion adheres to the 3R principle:

    • Reduce
    • Reuse
    • Recycle

Varieties of sustainable fashion: creating new pieces of clothes from biodegradable fabrics, upcycling, recycling, digital fashion, environmentalism, resale.

The goal of sustainable fashion:

to create a circular economy in which, at all stages of the fashion business (design, production, transportation, packaging, operations), the company strives to reduce its CO2 footprint.
Sustainable fashion today makes extensive use of innovative technologies and strives for absolutely safe production for the environment. All these steps are aimed at transforming the existing fashion, slowing down the pace of consumption, shifting the focus from the ego towards eco.

Ethical production means:

    • respect for human and animal rights,
    • minimal use of natural resources,
    • non-toxic dyeing and processing of fabrics,
    • creation of long-term design,
    • reduction of waste from production to zero,
    • using organic biodegradable or recycled fabrics.

With all this, it is possible to conduct a profitable business in order to live in a prosperous, developed country and contribute to the development of the economy of our region. Thus, sustainable fashion exists and develops without harm to the planet, people and business.

Sustainable fashion is a general term for clothing, footwear, accessories that are made without causing harm to the environment, with decent wages, with the prospect of using the product for a long time without being thrown into a landfill and with the ability to recycle or dispose of.

Sustainable fashion is a thoughtful, deliberate non-waste production and consumption of clothes within a closed cycle, so that after use, you can give things a “second life”.

Fashion today is not just a business. It is a philosophy of responsibility.

Sustainable Fashion Challenges:
    • protection of biological diversity;
    • rejection of environmental pollution;
    • reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere;
    • fight against overconsumption;
    • environmentally friendly production of clothing, footwear, accessories at all stages;
    • transition to a rational model of consumption and production;
    • protection of the rights of workers and employees in the fashion industry.

Our Action Towards Sustainability

Our company is committed to neutralizing our carbon footprint:
    • we stand against overproduction and overconsumption.
    • we stand for an informed choice and for truly important values.
We work not only for profit. Our priority is to minimize any negative impact on the environment, introduce innovation and maximize the potential of every person.

We support and develop the circular model of the modern fashion industry:

Produce with a minimum of natural resources - Provide decent wages - Show transparency in the choice of biodegradable or recyclable fabrics and accessories - Show transparency in production (where, how and by whom the clothes are made) - Explain how to buy consciously without cluttering the wardrobe and the planet - Do not stimulate impulse purchases - Sell with fair pricing - Provide a long service life of clothes through high quality tailoring and fabric - Explain how to properly care for things - Provide the ability to repair, recycle and dispose of clothes.

Sustainability is not only about a different approach to production, it is rather a new way of thinking, a new principle of life with an eye to tomorrow, which more and more people and companies around the world are becoming adherents to.

How to implement the principles of sustainability

How we support the economy

    • we select partners and suppliers with a clean reputation;
    • we do not cooperate with those who exploit human labor for a penny;
    • we are trustees of nine charitable foundations;
    • we are engaged in environmental education;
    • we participate in environmental initiatives.

How we protect the environment

    • we refused to use plastic packaging - our dresses come to customers in fabric bags;
    • we select only trusted suppliers with verified certificates for their fabrics;
    • we use sustainable, innovative and recycled fabrics;
    • we produce high-quality clothes that will be relevant for many years;
    • we create upcycling collections from used clothes, give clothes a second life, organizing collection and delivery to those in need;
    • we support waste-free production - we transfer the leftover fabric to a homeless shelter for needlework;
    • we donate part of the proceeds to environmental projects: forest planting, garbage collection, eco-initiatives and environmental education;
    • we do not release many collections, but we support responsible production without overconsumption;
    • carefully thought out the supply chain to reduce CO2 emissions from transportation.

How we care about people

    • Our company has a healthy and friendly psychological atmosphere without a vertical hierarchy. We stand for equality and accept people as they are. We stand for individuality in everything. We support equality regardless of gender, age, position, nationality, personal life, and other criteria. We do not evaluate people, but accept everyone as a person and let everyone show their unique talents;
    • we employ workers officially
    • pay employees a decent salary;
    • we create comfortable and safe working conditions in workshops and offices;
    • we respect a healthy work-life balance;
    • every year we give each employee the opportunity to improve their qualifications at the expense of the company;
    • we arrange fun corporate parties, team building and just spend great times together even after work.

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