Upcycling is an absolute trend in the fashion world today.
In 2018, the fashion industry generated 92 million tons of waste, or 4% of all rubbish on the planet. Almost the same as producers of cement (5%) or manure (5.4%). Not the most pleasant comparison, right?
But unlike the dung industry, fashion producers can turn their waste into gold. This titanic shift has already begun and its name is upcycling.
Once upcycling was used due to a shortage of clothing,
Today - because of its excess ...
Why is it sustainable?
It's simple - for collections from recycled materials, you do not need to produce new fabrics, waste water, electricity or use toxic dyes. The material for new things is literally underfoot and ready for use.
Upcycling collection "Recycle Your Life"

Upcycling is the recycling of leftover materials or from ready-made clothing. When fabric scraps become new dresses or some kind of design element, sewn and unsold outfits turn into completely new models.

As a result, tons of fabrics and vintage clothing have the chance for a second life instead of a direct road to a landfill.

The deep meaning of this collection is to pay attention to the problem of overconsumption. Every year the world produces 150 billion pieces of clothing.
People use only 80 billion of it. The rest are immediately thrown into a landfill. Because of this reason, fashion production ranked second in the rating of the most polluting industries in the world. Every year it inflicts more damage to ecology than transportation, energy and food production.

This amount of clothes is enough to alter them into a new design, giving it "the second life", instead of throwing it out or burning.

By our upcycle collection we want to show how you can be fashionable and stylish, without harming the environment. 0 meters of new fabric, 0 natural resources we spent on these garments. All raw materials - used clothing - have already been created, we just changed the design. It was Zero Waste.
We bought old-fashioned used clothing in the second-hand shops and in sales stores at a very low price and transformed them into trendy outfits. So we gave a new life cycle to the old garments.
When you are proud not of a brand, but what your product has caused a little or no harm. This is a new reality. A new way of thinking. When you spend your last money on self-development, and not on an expensive bag of crocodile skin.

When you don’t care about things so much, but pay attention to important ones. What are your values? ​​You decide for yourself.

This collection also calls for gender equality. Unisex outfits are created to be worn by personalities, no matter what sex they are. Genderless clothing becomes a marker of modern society. People want to get away from imposed stereotypes, from conventions, from the public frame and from an excessive seriousness to live in the world of comfort and acceptance.

We are for individuality. We are for self-expression. We are for a careful attitude towards nature. We are for the reduction of carbon footprints. We are for Recycling and the principle of Zero Waste! We are for gender equality. We are against discrimination in any way. We are for freedom!

Olska: Designer and founder of the brand ECOOLSKA
"Since my first brand began to bring a good income, I did not sew for about 7 years. This was done by the brand team, and I only created the design.
But for the new brand ECOOLSKA, I seemed to catch high-frequency waves and an internal connection from the Universe: with burning eyes and endless energy I worked, worked, worked for days and nights, not noticing anyone and nothing around. In my world I noticed only material and an exceptional space of inspiration! Creative energy strengthened continuously, the fantasy resulted in incredible solutions in working with a fabric, my hands themselves created an infinite number of new combinations.
This collection of 40 outfits together with the designer Marina, who helped sew, was created in just 3 days.
We have invested our soul and all our energy into it. We were helped by Freddie Mercury, whose great songs accompanied the entire process of creating a collection throughout these three days and nights.
This collection was made to attract the public to the global environmental pollution issue from the fashion industry. All these outfits are unique pieces and in October 2021 this collection will be sold for charitable purposes."
Leave your mark on history,
not a carbon footprint