For us, fashion is not only about clothes

Respect for work and transparency

We stand for safe, decently paid work and protection of workers' rights.

We respect and value human labor. All participants of our production process receive decent wage, feel themselves in psychological and physical comfort as well as in a safe environment. We stand against slave labor and manufacturing in third world countries for a penny. Our production is always local and targeted at the local market. We do this to eliminate or reduce our traffic footprint. We make clothes in Portugal.

Now it is important to understand how and where our clothes are created.

  • We support the Fashion revolution movement #whomademyclothes #imadeyourclothes.
  • We openly show photos and videos of our production and office.
  • We provide transparent information on fabrics, suppliers, partners and logistics.

We are also open to dialogue and suggestions.

Look at our awesome garment factory employees!

Our dresses are created with love, because they have the positive and warm energy of these beautiful women who wear them!

About the economy

We stand for a circular economy oriented on nature and human.

In a linear economy, it is assumed that manufacturers take the resources they need from nature and return the waste to it. This model contributes to overconsumption.

A circular economy does not involve waste at all. You need to create a cycle of goods, concentrate on recycling and then using them again and again.

How we implement circular economy and zero waste production.

About innovation

We are for development, therefore digital technologies are one of the priorities of the ECOOLSKA brand.

Very soon with the help of 3D technology, everyone will be able to buy digital clothes for themselves without serious financial and time costs. You can post photos on social networks in new outfits every day. This will eliminate the need to buy clothing in large quantities, everyone will have enough space in their wardrobe for several comfortable, high-quality, wear-resistant sets. The need for novelty and the propensity for shopaholism can be met through digital fashion. We believe that this is the future.

On our site there will be an opportunity to try on clothes online, with individual modeling and tailoring, which will save time for both employees and customers.

About awareness

We stand for respect for the environment.

The planet is buried in waste, including waste from fashion industry. The UN forecast looks threatening: if nothing is changed, the amount of unrefined plastic by 2025 will grow to 100-250 million tons.

And by the middle of the century, humanity will generate 33 billion tons of plastic products per year - 110 times more than in 2015.

As a result, the mass of plastic in the oceans will be greater than the entire remaining population of marine animals

Therefore, we choose conscious production and consumption. Our brand is committed to sustainable development. People don't need too many pieces of clothing to be happy. A human being is happy when he lives in harmony with himself, nature, other people and understands what the main values ​​are.

Our brand will never release countless collections like in fast fashion and litter with constant discounts. We won't have Black Fridays and crazy sales. We urge you to slow down, choose slow fashion and buy rarely, but high-quality clothes. It’s not only environmentally friendly, but also economical.

We create our collections by carefully selecting eco-friendly fabrics, accessories and sew to the highest standard. We create a design that is relevant for a long time and carefully think over all the details. At all steps of production, we choose a sustainable approach - so that at the stage of design, procurement of materials, cooperation with different suppliers and customers, at the stage of logistics and packaging, a balance is maintained between quality, respect for people and nature, decent pay and profit.

About honest beauty

We are for a person to accept themselves as they are - without social media filters, without masks and photoshop

Society has come a long way - from the past centuries, where standards of beauty were painfully imposed on men and especially women, to the present day, where tolerance is finally gaining momentum in all characteristics, features of the face and figure, the choice of clothing and style.

Tolerance and acceptance of other people as Personalities has become an essential part of a civilized community: a company of friends, a community of neighbors or a transnational corporation. We are not obliged to be of the same size, to adjust ourselves to the once generally accepted and beneficial standards for someone.

We are against the fact that someone needs to hide from the world because he or she is "not good enough".

We are opposed to the necessity of people to compare themselves with someone else and make disappointing conclusions.

We are against glossy stereotypes that indicate how to look.

We are against glossy ideals.

We are for sincerity and liveliness.

About equality

We stand for a culture of acceptance and care. We value all people in the diversity of their cultures and forms of expression.

We are against discrimination on any grounds. We are for the equality of people regardless of their gender, social level, position, nationality, sexual preference, religion, age, physical characteristics. We are against any manifestation of bullying, hate, condemnation and suppression and humiliation of the individual.

It is not just a moral value, but also a political and legal need that makes it possible to achieve a peaceful and happy life. We are different - and that's great.

About humanism

We are for the implementation of the principles of respect for natural, economic and human resources, for honest business and increasing the company's profitability by virtuous methods.

Because we all have the right to:

  • Life on a planet free of garbage;
  • Have fresh air and clean water;
  • Humane working conditions, respect and safety;
  • Freedom of choice and self-expression.

We support and implement 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 UN Goals are a call to action from all countries - poor, rich and middle-class. Their goal is to improve human well-being and protect our planet.
  • States recognize that in order to eradicate poverty, it is necessary to focus on economic growth and gradually address problems in education, health, social protection and employment. At the same time, it is necessary to combat climate change and take measures to protect the environment.

17 UN Goals

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Leave your mark in history,
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