Biodegradable fabrics have the smallest impact on the environment. While natural cotton decays over hundreds of years, recycled cotton decays completely in just 5. It is important for us that the materials we choose for our brand are free of toxic components.

R-Cotton or recycled cotton
The material is made by recycling clothing. These are either unsold items from stores, or those that are already unwanted and given away by their owners for processing. Cotton recycling plays a significant role as it reduces the need for natural cotton, water consumption and CO2 emissions.

Recycled cotton is used as a woven fabric for blouses, shirts, dresses, skirts and trousers.

R-Denim or recycled denim
Recycled denim is a revolutionary new material that combines safe and sustainable indigo dye with EcoVeroTM, Refibra, Sequal, VeroTen, BCI, recycled cotton, organic cotton and recycled polyester.
R-Denim is used in jeans, jackets, leggings, jeggings, shirts, trousers and more.
R-Nylon or recycled nylon
One of the most popular materials in the world that feels great on the skin. Recycled nylon is made from old fishing nets, used flooring, plastic bottles and other consumer waste found on ocean floors and landfills.
R-Nylon is used for sewing sportswear, outdoor clothing, bathing suits.
R-Pet or recycled polyethylene terephthalate
It’s a thermoplastic. R-Pet is used to create one of the most widespread fabrics in the world. Recycled PET is made from plastic bottles and other consumer waste found in the ocean or landfills.
R-Pet is perfect for creating clothing for sports, outdoor activities, outerwear.
R-polyester or recycled polyester
One of the finest recycled materials. It uses old fishing nets, old synthetic carpets, plastic bottles, polyester clothing and other consumer waste. Recycled polyester fabrics.

R-Tencel or Redesigned Tencel

Eco-friendly material made with sustainable technology. For its manufacture, wood pulp is combined with cotton pulp obtained from cotton waste. The fabric has excellent antistatic properties, it “breathes”, is pleasant to the skin, is hygienic and fits perfectly on the figure.
R-Tencel is perfect for sewing blouses, shirts, dresses, jackets and trousers.
R-Viscose or Recycled Viscose
One of the most sustainable materials in the world. The fabric is produced under strict control. For its production, only raw wood materials are used from forests grown according to the principle of sustainable development, where all ecosystems are preserved and protected. The production of recycled viscose reduces CO2 emissions and water volume by 50% compared to the production of conventional viscose.
More details R-Viscose is used for sewing shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts, trousers, jackets.
Hemp - конопля
Конопля - более устойчивый материал, чем хлопок, т.к. при его изготовлении требуется на 50% меньше воды и электроэнергии. Кроме того, для выращивания конопли требуется гораздо меньше фермерских земель в сравнении с хлопком. Конопля прекрасно растет и практически не требует пестицидов. Для окрашивания ткани используются только натуральные красители на растительной основе, поэтому материал прекрасно разлагается в природе.
Это тканый материал, соответственно, как и лен он прекрасно подходит для пошива блузок, платьев, костюмов, одежды для отдыха и многого другого.
Бренд ECOOLSKA создан для людей,
с заботой о природе.