of environmentally friendly fabrics
A collection of clothes that do not harm the environment.
We created a collection of clothes from things that could end up in landfill.
Digital fashion
Try on the most daring looks.
Digital fashion
OLSKA creates clothes that will last for years.
We are for reasonable consumption and want to convey this idea to everyone. We are for quality items that will not go to the landfill in a few months, but will be worn for several seasons. We stand for recycled fabrics. We are for giving clothes a second life, passing them on to those in need. Therefore, we participate in charitable projects and help women who find themselves in difficult circumstances.
Recycled fabrics
The material is made by recycling clothing. These are either unsold items from stores, or those that are already unwanted and given away by their owners for processing. Cotton recycling plays a significant role as it reduces the need for natural cotton, water consumption and CO2 emissions. Recycled cotton is used as a woven fabric for blouses, shirts, dresses, skirts and trousers.
  • Fishing
  • Plastic from the oceans
  • Analysis and grinding
  • Yarn
  • Fiber blending and fabric production
  • Creating clothes
Digital fashion
The OLSKA brand is designed for people who care about nature.

OLSKA is the transformation of the Olga Skazkina brand name - the first letters of the name and surname of its founder and designer- and they are mine! Our company was born in Moscow, we started our journey with a small studio and one sewing machine. I created our first collection myself.

We have been moving towards OLSKA for 10 years. At first intuitively, and then more deliberately, we created such clothes for women that are not only stylish, but will also last for years.