A Green Revolution in Fashion
When we think of activewear, images of polyester and other synthetic fibers might come to mind. But what if our workout clothes could come from the very heart of nature, specifically from algae?
It sounds futuristic, but the reality is here.
Welcome to the world of sustainable activewear made from algae!
“Why Algae?”

Algae are fast-growing, require minimal resources to thrive, and are abundantly found in our waters. They not only consume carbon dioxide but also produce 50-80% of the Earth’s oxygen. By harnessing the power of these green wonders, the fashion industry has tapped into a sustainable raw material with a low environmental footprint.

  • Seaweed is pure and rich in essential substances such as:vitamins
  • trace lements
  • amino acids
  • minerals
  • high level of antioxidants protects the skin against harmful free radicals, which damage our skin cells


Sustainable Sea-based Fabric: Seacell is derived from seaweed and offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fabrics. It promotes the responsible use of marine resources and reduces the dependency on land-based agriculture.
Natural Healing Properties: Seacell contains minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants from seaweed, which are believed to have beneficial effects on the skin. It can provide nourishment, hydration, and soothing properties, promoting skin health and comfort.
a game-changer in the sport fashion industry

eucalyptus fibers


Sustainable and Eco-friendly: Lyocell is a cellulose-based fabric made from renewable wood sources, typically eucalyptus trees.
The production process is environmentally friendly, using a closed-loop system with minimal chemical waste and water consumption.
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