ECOOLSKA is a young but ambitious eco-friendly clothing brand It was created in Lisbon, Portugal in April 2021 by fashion designer Olska Green (her previous fashion brand has been successfully operating for 11 years). This brand Ecoolska is a next level, innovative phygital fashion brand that interconnects real fashion and digital fashion.
In 2020, during the quarantine, Olska started new life between two countries:

Montenegro and Portugal and the life of Olska completely changed

The Ecoolska brand was born organically. The team members of previous fashion brands gradually changed their consciousness towards environmental friendliness, and an awareness of the global role finally appeared: it became important not only to produce stylish garments, but also to make it of the right fabrics, without harming nature and people.

We had and always have the priority of comfortable working conditions for people, a decent salary, the quality of the clothing created and reduction of harm to the environment. Natural leather and fur or low-quality synthetics have never been used in production.
However, making clothes from natural fabrics like cotton has already become environmentally unfriendly Therefore, it was decided to create an absolutely new eco-friendly sustainable brand called Ecoolska in Portugal – a country with a large selection of ecological fabrics, environmentally friendly production and love and care for nature.
Respect for the environment is an exceptional priority ECOOLSKA clothing is lovingly crafted from organic, biodegradable or recycled fabrics. Waste from production is reduced to zero. The entire path from material procurement and product tailoring to logistics is transparent. Our clients should know who makes their clothes.

Materials that we have
chosen for our collections

Recycled fabrics
Algae fabrics
Eucalyptus fabrics
Olska Green, founder of Ecoolska.

Sustainable entrepreneur. Expert in sustainable fashion, upcycling, and digital fashion. Innovative fashion designer (AI, VR, AR).

Experience in fashion: 13 years.

First fashion brand (2010 - 2021) - was successful profitable traditional fashion brand.

2021 - new era of innovative phygital sustainable fashion brand Ecoolska

Invited speaker at the conferences: Phygital Sustainability Expo Rome, Metaweek Dubai, New York Digital fashion week, London fashion week in Metaverse, Dubai digital fashion week, Metaverse fashion week, NFC Lisbon, Omniverse city Metaverse, Hundo.xyz, DigiFashion Forum in Taiwan, MILAN FASHION WEEK

Mission: to change the entire fashion industry into a sustainable and digital one.
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