From Olga Skazkina to OLSKA
Our company was founded in 2000
I think the love of making clothes is genetically passed on to me.
My great-grandfather was a tailor, and I also sewed outfits for myself and my friends since childhood.
At 24, I turned my hobby into a profession
- I left a construction company I worked for and bought a sewing machine.
I traded my future as an engineer in the best development projects in Moscow for the unpredictability of my own business. Would I succeed? Uncertainty was frightening , but did not stop me.

Soon a small atelier appeared - a room of 4-5 square meters in the center of Moscow, where my clients came. So tiny it didn't even hold a sewing machine. I had to sew at home, and then travel with dresses through half the city for clients to try on.

To great surprise, I won a competition for fashion designers, so I got my first serious customers - famous models, show business stars and TV presenters. A modest atelier began to grow, there was a showroom, professional equipment and two seamstresses.

In 2013 the Olga Skazkina brand launched the first mass line of clothing.
It is massive in comparison with the atelier, where we produced pieces to order. Now we sew in our own small factory, and our collections are sold through online aggregators. From now on, we don't have a single offline store.
Throughout the 10 years of Olga Skazkina brand existence, we have adhered to the policy of reasonable production and never chased just quantity. Our volumes are incomparable with mass market brands. It has always been important for us to create comfortable working conditions. Our seamstresses work no more than 8 hours, are arranged according to the Labor Code and receive a “white salary”. Yes, we sew absolutely all our dresses in Russia and here only.

My special pride is a stable team of people who believe in what they are doing.

Our staff turnover is practically zero.

Our growth has never ceased. From 3 people including me in 2010 to 10 in 2020. My special pride is a stable team of people who believe in what they are doing. Our staff turnover is practically zero. Not only did the scale change, but also the awareness of our role.
There came a time when it became important not only to produce stylish things, but to do it from the right fabrics so as to minimize harm to nature.
With the birth of children, I began to think about the environmental friendliness of products, household chemicals, everything that surrounds us every day. I began to read a lot on this topic. I remember how horrified I was to learn that the light industry is second after the oil industry in the list of the planet's pollutants. The more I learned, the stronger the awareness formed in me - something needs to be changed.
Материалы, которые мы выбрали для наших коллекций
  • Органический хлопок
  • Переработанная вискоза
  • Лён
From the very first days of the Olga Skazkina brand, we adhered to the principles of ethical production:
we never used natural leather and fur, we did not sew from low-quality synthetics. For our collections, we have chosen cotton, linen and viscose. All these are biodegradable fabrics, the production of which causes relatively little damage to nature, but now this is not enough for us.
The year 2020, with all its challenges, helped us to look at our production differently.
We live in an amazing time when eco-fabrics, materials obtained by recycling plastic, have appeared. At first, there were only a few such manufacturers all over the world, but every year there are more and more of them. Thanks to the 21st century, when the collaboration between science and the fashion industry began to bear fruit.
The year 2020, with all its challenges, helped us to look at our production differently. Quarantine has finally proved that people do not need so much clothes, there is no need to buy things every month. Yes, we have always been against overconsumption, but now respect is an exceptional priority. Right now we are saying that we are creating a completely new brand, named OLSKA. OLSKA clothes will be made only from eco-fabrics. For example ... The entire production path from purchasing material to sewing a product will become transparent. Our clients will know who sews their clothes.
We see our role in being actively involved in the fashion revolution that has already begun.
Slow fashion is replacing Fast fashion, and the OLSKA brand will become an active participant in this titanic shift.
This is a new norm in the world of ethical fashion, this is what we consider to be the most important and will be promoting.
I was born and raised on Lake Baikal. So many people have heard about this lake, even outside our country. I remember the incredible power and beauty of the Siberian expanses, and it will stay with me forever. Apparently, that's why I perceive the clogging of the seas and forests with tons of plastic, the death of animals, as personal pain. I want generations of our children and grandchildren to be able to see, feel, touch nature, breathe fresh air, drink clean water.
One day my 4-year-old son brought a book about plastic from school. It described in detail how the invention of this material opened up completely new opportunities for industries around the world, and then - what tragic consequences for the environment and for the planet as a whole this led to.
“Mom, when I grow up, I want to clear the entire ocean of plastic,” said the son. At that very moment, this children's book finally turned my world upside down. I imagined that the children will soon grow up and ask: “Mom, what are you doing?”. At that moment, I would not like to give such an answer that would be shameful. I would like to tell him that I am involved in a production that not only does not harm the planet, but also makes it cleaner.
Yours Sincerely,
Бренд ECOOLSKA создан для людей,
с заботой о природе.