eCOOLSKA creates clothes that will last for years

We are for reasonable production
and conscious consumption.
We are for quality items that will not
go to the landfill in a few months,
but will serve you for many years.
We choose the natural organic
and biodegradable, innovative
and recycled fabrics.
We are in favor of giving a second life
to clothes, re-sewing old garments
into new upcycling collections, repairing
clothes or donating them for charity.
We are for a circular economy
and sustainable development
in the fashion industry.
Together with you, we want to save
our planet for the future generation!


our mission is to change the fashion industry towards going green and digital you can be fashionable and environmentally friendly at the same time
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we like co-creation

ECOOLSKA is a brand based on the values of creativity, love, respect, justice. No wonder that people with similar orientations cooperate with us. Talented stylists, artists, bloggers and photographers rent our collections and create digital masterpieces. Every day we conclude more and more collaborations and we admire all of them!

The support of creative youth motivates us and shows that we are on the right track. Thank you for making this world brighter together with us!
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